Most Commonly Used Plumbing Materials Nowadays

PVC Pipe   

PVC pipes are known as one of the most popular materials that are used for residential and commercial plumbing applications. As a matter of fact, PVC pipes are a great option since it’s a stable and inert material, which resorts corrosion. Furthermore, it’s also a very affordable material, which is easy and very quick to install. While only a minimal number of tools and skills are required in order to install PVC plumbing pipes in your home, it is not advisable that you try to do the installation or repair of PVC pipe job on your own.   

Plumbing Materials

Hiring a professional and highly dependable plumbing service provider in your area is the most ideal thing to do since they are the most experienced when it comes to different kinds of plumbing materials.  

Furthermore, the main disadvantages of PVC material are that it can be easily cracked or broken if mishandled. This is especially true for areas with cold climates. Aside from that, PVC pipes can only be utilized indoors and it’s not intended for distribution of hot water as it only has a 140 degrees Fahrenheit maximum service temperature. Because of that, proper care should be taken when PVC pipes are installed near hot items including ovens or furnaces.  

CPVC Pipe   

Stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, CPVC is a yellowish plastic polymer that was invented in order to handle much higher temperatures than normal PVC pipe could not. It’s also slightly stronger compared to standard PVC pipes. Furthermore, CPVC pipes has a few benefits over other plumbing materials as well. It’s generally a more stable compound compared to other plumbing materials and will not easily corrode. Aside from that, CPVC pipes also require about twenty-five percent less time to install compared to other plumbing materials. But, it’s not as simple to install as other materials used in plumbing including PEX pipes.  

The cons of CPVC pipes are the fact that it is high thermal expansion coefficient. This is actually the reason why CPVC might not be the best option for locations with climates that usually experience wide variations in temperature.      

PEX Pipe   

A shorthand term for Cross-linked polyethylene, PEX is a material that is relatively new to the plumbing industry and has only appeared in the US around twenty years ago. PEX pipes actually offer some clear benefits compared to other available plumbing materials. The most notable and first desirable characteristic about this is that it’s very flexible. As a matter of fact, the pipe’s flexibility allows installers to avoid a lot of obstacles while also using lesser fittings. Furthermore, the installation’s speed is increased due to the fact that the fittings are of the compression type.   

Lastly, PEX pipes are very good when it comes to resisting the freeze and thaw effects due to its great flexibility. Even though PEX pipes are easy to install, it is still highly recommended that you hire a professional and reputable plumbing contractor to do the installation or repair of your plumbing system.  

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