Different Plumbing Materials that Were Commonly Used in the Past

Over the years, the science and art of plumbing has drastically changed. From the conventional Terra Cotta pipes to the most modern PEX pipe technology nowadays, no building is certainly complete without a dependable plumbing system. If it were not for plumbing professionals and the plumbing system itself, the urban sprawl that we are experiencing today wouldn’t have been totally possible. In addition to that, if it were not for pipes, plumbing wouldn’t be possible as well. Below, you will be able to learn the different types of plumbing materials. We will also compare the pros and cons of a lot of pipe technologies that have existed and or currently exist on today’s market for residential and commercial use.  

Plumbing Materials

Cast Iron Pipe 

During the 1960’s, these plumbing materials were the most popular kind of plumbing in residential or commercial buildings. This is due to the fact that cast iron pipe plumbing materials is relatively easy to install and was cheap for its time. In addition to that, it was also noted for the material’s ability and strength to withstand any high pressure of water. At that time, the cast iron pipe was considered as the most ideal plumbing material for home and office installation. But, unfortunately, cast iron pipes had one major flaw. This plumbing material pipe was prone to failure because of rusting. Nowadays, cast iron pipe is not used anymore especially for residential plumbing due to its faults.  

Copper Pipe 

Probably, copper is the most commonly utilized plumbing materials in the US nowadays. This plumbing material actually offers long term stability and durability yet is very soft to resist damage or shattering upon impact. As a matter of fact, it is very durable that copper pipes can even be utilized outdoors in both underground and above setting. Another benefit that copper pipes bring is its natural ability to fight the growth of harmful bacteria. This is even more important since it can help homeowners like you to make sure that the water supplying entering your home is very safe and clean to use at all times.  

And lastly, copper pipes also have a high melting point as well as ability to resist deformation. This simply means that during a fire in a residential or commercial building, your plumbing system that is made from copper pipes might remain intact and can possibly be reused.  

Furthermore, despite all the good things that copper pipe plumbing materials have to offer, the truth is that there are also some disadvantages. The first visible disadvantage is that the copper material is quite expensive to buy and install. As a matter of fact, the installation for this plumbing material often requires soldering equipment as well as the skills of a highly experienced and trained plumbing service provider. Aside from that, copper pipes could also be subjected to main corrosion if the water contains becomes too acidic. Aside from that, copper pipes plumbing materials can also leave the water supply in your household with a bit of metallic taste.  

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